What do Belgian football and Europe have in common?

„In one meeting, the politicians work together and in the other against each other. Only on different levels. „

Christopher Arimont writes for the “Luxemburger Wort” and lives with his family in Wallonia, Belgium. He grew up in the German-speaking Community in Belgium. He sees himself as a European and travels between two countries every day. He talks about Belgian politics, life in Belgium and the feeling of Europe’s capital Brussels in the comfy Café Kittel in Aachen.

At the time of the interview, the nationalist-liberal coalition had many critics already. In early December, the Flemish party N-VA left the coalition. On the 18th December 2018, the current Prime Minister Charles Michel of the liberal movement „Mouvement Réformateur“ declared his resignation. King Philippe accepted his request and asked him to continue until the next election in May 2019. The podcast is in german. We are working on a translation.

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