Overturning hierarchies

Dreaming in the desert. Feeling the sand between your fingers. Leaning against a hill out of sand. Looking up into the sky. Simply creating dreams. The actress and author Marion Bott has founded the „Theatre Company Blauhauch“, a theatre company which develops pieces based on their dreams. 13 women out of different Performance Arts such as actresses, authors, circus performers, dancers, video artists from all over the world rehearse and develop in natural environments – in the desert, in the forest or by the sea.

In their first piece „What silence has to say“ they have dealt with the questions – what does it mean to be female and how the role of women is perceived in different cultures. For the play the actresses used eight dreams of different intensities. From ecstasy to abuse, the play is about the experiences and dreams of the performers.

On Gran Canaria they wrote their piece in sand dunes, volcanic craters or in the desert. Through a crowdfunding campaign, all members could work two weeks without any financial worries. Above all else, it is important to Marion to re-think the making of theater and to liberate the development. „There is no need to develop a theatre play in a small and dark room.“

Blauhauch had the ability to rehearse and stay at Schloss Bröllin for the last three weeks, before their first piece had its premiere. Their stay was supported by the city of Berlin. Also, the first performances have been in the castle, to which Marion recalls: „There were almost only men in the audience, and we have noticed that they felt a bit overwhelmed with so much female power. When a few men started crying between the age of 50 and 60, it was clear to us that we were doing something right here.“

Marion wants to change and break up structures with Blauhauch. The actresses come from different countries: France, England, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Philippines, Chile. Developing pieces together while confronted with other backgrounds and systems creates something completely new and unique for Marion. In two years they want to play and rehearse in every country, so each country can inspire them to new pieces, perspectives and enrich their work.„The world and Europe are so enriching when other cultures come together and create something new. It’s like a new recipe, you don’t know, how it will turn out.“

©Marion Bott

Marion Bott grew up in Strasbourg and got to know the power of Performing Arts in a school project for the first time. She completed her acting studies in the international city Mannheim. After her time in Mannheim, she started a master course at East 15 Acting School  in London. The German and British teaching in Performing Arts is very different. Only in London she learned that it’s not about being in a perfect frame for others. It’ s about developing your own strengths. Being the best version of yourself is the best motivation. Without any frame to fit in. Full of energy and inspiration, she wrote a script during the Master’s course, which brought her to the University of Film and Television (HFF) in Potsdam for a short period of time. Her new play „Moormaid“, originally written as a screenplay, was nominated last year for the „TOP 10 best off west-end shows“ in London.

„The prize gave me so much courage again. I am so thankful that I can work with much more freedom and have been given so many more opportunities in London.“ Marion Bott wants to create a performance group in Germany, which earns so much money that nobody has any financial worries. She is currently taking an Entrepreneur Lab Business Course to grow her company and to continue her vision. „I want to create a new theatre model, which also makes companies part of the creative process and allows you to build a good business model. I want to give all actresses the opportunity to build a completely new self-image, far removed from the co-dependent structures in which we were conditioned.“

She is currently writing her script „Cleos Patria“, in which Blauhauch will play key roles. 111 women meet from all cultures of the world.

„I think it’s so important to overturn hierarchies. In Cleo’s Patria, I see Stars playing supporting roles. I want to create a space that is about the shared experience, the sharing of this story together.“


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