Streets of Europe

Brussels, the capital of the European Union impresses with its different quarters and atomspheres. Sometimes it feels like crossing bordes to other cultures and countries. Every part has it‘ s own unique atmosphere.
By walking through Brussels I came up with the idea of featuring the „Streets of Europe“.
„Streets of Europe“ shows unique places in Brussels, which reminds me of other european countries.
Brussels is an example that living together with different cultures always is possible.


The buliding, the colouring and its plants remind me of France. The buidling itself has a french colouring and sets pictures in my mind of warm summer days. The plants with such a dark green underline the southern France atmosphere.
The house is on Rue Berckmanns, Saint-Gilles.

The view on these buildings captures a modern city architecture in Norway. The plane ground with its paving stones in combination with the colourful and high buildings creates a calm and clear feeling. The bicycles support the idea of being in Norway. I also should mention, that the wind blows heavily through these bulidings.
You find these buildings,  when you walk into the European Parliament Area from the „Place du Luxembourg“, Ixelles.

An east apartment buidling and a well done wall painting draws a picture in my mind of a trip to the Czech Republic. The paintings and graffitis represent the power of art, creating grey places into coulourful scenes.
The building is on Rue de la Croix/ Chausée d`Ixelles.

This tiny street with its small houses also could  show a small town in Italy. Although I know that the houses aren’t similar to any houses in Italy. The atmosphere get back my feelings of an italian trip. The tiny shops and restaurants wake up italian memories.
– Rue Jourdan/Avenue Louise

I came up with the idea of featuring „Streets of Europe“ right here. As you see the place is under construction. You are walking on different grounds like mud, gravel, grass and construction bridges. There a guiding signs for pedestrians. No cars or bikes can cross the place. It seems like a big project, which includes changing the place completly. And maybe in the end, it will be more beautiful than before.
Why does this place reminds me of Great Britain?
Is it enough to say „Brexit“?! If you compare the Brexit negotiations with such a big construction, you can see, that the construction is way better planned than the Brexit. Maybe the construction takes as long as the next Brexit debates…

For Great Britain I would recommend a second referendum. Hopefully Great Britain will decide to stay in the European Union and won’t end up like a huge, unplanned construction. Unplanned constructions will never be beautiful.

The construction is on Place Fernand Cocq.




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